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Updated: April 25, 2022



How much does a truma AquaGo cost?

The Truma AquaGo Basic retails (at the time of this blog post) for $1099 and the Comfort model retails at $1299.

Where are truma heaters made?


How much gas does a truma heater use?

Truma blown air heater? ie gas burner & electric fan, so yes it will use a fair bit of gas(around 150grams/hr)unless it also has electric heating element to run off ehu but possibly not on a caravan of that age.

How do I turn on my truma gas heater?


Become a Truma Certified Dealer Partner

You also have access to additional information via the dealer portal. This includes useful product information and sales tips, as well as a wide variety of ...

Published: March 09, 2022

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