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Updated: May 01, 2022



What is Schoolloop?

School Loop, Inc. provides online learning management system. The Company allows teachers to publish assignments, grades, and attendance, as well as parents to get the information they need. School Loop serves grades K-12.

What happened School Loop?

School Loop was acquired by IgniteTech on Aug 17, 2021 .

How do you add parents to a school loop?

  1. Open your school site. ...
  2. If your school has a published website, click the Login button at the very bottom of the homepage. ...
  3. Click the Register Now button. ...
  4. Choose Student Registration or Parent Registration. ...
  5. Fill in the registration form. ...
  6. Click the Register Now button.

Schoolwise Parent Portal - Arvin Union School District

Schoolwise Parent Portal. This portal will allow you to view your student's grades, Report Cards, attendance, test scores and GPA for Haven Drive students.

Published: March 28, 2021

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