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Updated: June 01, 2022

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Is NetTutor free?

NetTutor is a free, online tutoring service that provides one-on-one virtual tutoring sessions with a professional tutor; as well as a Question Center, which allows students to privately post a question and receive a personalized answer within 24-hours in a variety of subjects.

How do I submit a paper to NetTutor?

To submit your paper, select the “Upload Your Paper” button below the paper preview: When your paper is submitted, you will receive a confirmation notice (shown below), and you will be able to submit another paper or return to your dashboared.

How do I become a NetTutor tutor?

Become a Tutor
  1. Knowledge of subject matter.
  2. Ability to effectively communicate subject matter.
  3. Application of different learning strategies including active learning and peer-to-peer techniques.
  4. Ability to listen and answer questions during tutoring sessions.
  5. Set goals and/or expectations during the first few sessions.

How long does it take to get feedback from NetTutor?

Question responses are available within one day. Paper/Essay Review: Students submit a file and return later for a tutor's written feedback. Feedback from tutors can include questions and/or suggestions for areas for improvement. Paper reviews are available within 2 days.

NetTutor at Mt. SAC

NetTutor is offered to ALL students of Mt. SAC currently enrolled in any of ... Visit the Mt. SAC portal (; Click on the Student Sucess Tab ...


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