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Updated: June 23, 2022


Europa is the official web portal of the European Union, providing information on how the EU works, related news, events, publications and links to websites of institutions, agencies and other bodies.



Is EU same as Europe?

Europe: A continent located West of Asia and North of Africa, with 44 to 51 countries. European Union (or EU): A political and economic union of 27 countries in Europe.

When did UK leave EU?

After the December 2019 election, the British parliament finally ratified the withdrawal agreement with the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020. The UK left the EU at the end of 31 January 2020 CET (11 p.m. GMT).

Why is Norway not in the EU?

Norway has high GNP per capita, and would have to pay a high membership fee. The country has a limited amount of agriculture, and few underdeveloped areas, which means that Norway would receive little economic support from the EU.

Why was the EU created?

The EU was originally created with the aim of ending the frequent and bloody wars between neighbours, which culminated in the Second World War. The Schuman Declaration, which encouraged the establishment of the European Coal and Steel Community, laid the foundation for the European Union as we know it today.

When did UK join EU?

Parliament's European Communities Act 1972 was enacted on 17 October, and the UK's instrument of ratification was deposited the next day (18 October), letting the United Kingdom's membership of the EEC come into effect on 1 January 1973.

Why is Switzerland not in EU?

Switzerland is not a member state of the European Union (EU). It is associated with the Union through a series of bilateral treaties in which Switzerland has adopted various provisions of European Union law in order to participate in the Union's single market, without joining as a member state.
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Participant Portal quick guide - Sepie


If your organisation is selected for the projects managed by EACEA (centralised projects) then your organisation will need to pass a Legal Entity validation, ...

Published: March 08, 2022

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