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Updated: May 18, 2022

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What is the best web portal?

Best Portal Websites
Year Winner Site Name
2016 Program The State of Indiana Website
2014 Razorfish Healthware New Corporate Website
2013 Risdall Advertising Agency Vision-Ease Lens Venue Lab Services Website
12 more rows

What is an open source portal?

What is the Open Source Portal? A web based tool for sharing information in support of. developing Dynamic Mobility Applications. The Open Source Portal: • Enables collaboration between multiple stakeholders.

What is a portal framework?

A portal is computer technology that provides a single point of access to multiple applications. There are many forms of portal frameworks available today. Choosing the best portal framework depends on the budget and enterprise standards of the company.

What is enterprise portal technology?

Enterprise portals (EPs) are internet technologies that provide windows into enterprise information, applications and processes. EPs go by many names, including corporate portals, business portals and enterprise information portals.

How do I access dotCMS?

To login to the dotCMS backend, type the URL of the home page of your site, and add /dotAdmin to the end of the URL. For example, to login to the site , you would type the URL . You may also browse a front end page, and then login directly to that page.

Is dotCMS free?

DotCMS Products
dotCMS provides a community edition of their content management system that is free to download and use. They also provide an Enterprise edition, which is a SaaS-based product, that you can purchase on an annual or monthly subscription.

Commercial and Open-Source Web Portal Solutions - what ...

Commercial and Open-Source Web Portal Solutions · INTRODUCTION · COMMERCIAL PORTAL DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS · IBM WebSphere Portal · Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server.


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